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  1. Completely crazy spam text: First of all captured my personal particular attention
  2. IT IS POSSIBLE TO increase your chances of winning enormous. Beitrag gemeldet von Alteisenfahrer
  3. Victims of sexual harassment - victims of bullying
  4. We found that the translation programs sometimes make "brutal mistakes". Sorry!
  5. the packing mania and the plastic islands in the oceans, 100 g of cheese packed in 150 g of plastic
  6. Poverty migration or just migration?
  7. Should I take out a death insurance before my suicide?
  8. Condolence list, Arnaud Beltrame, who exchanged himself with hostages is dead
  9. Condolence list for the victims of the terrorist attack in Münster
  10. What kind of graphics do you need in a horror game?
  11. What to do about xenophobia and racism?
  12. Translation programs (Google for example) do more against hounding, racism and mobbing than any politician!
  13. Google helps with mobbing, racism, discrimination. Sometimes hopeless situations change for the better!
  14. My honest opinion: Translation programs are a good thing for the internet.
  15. Twitter style, smartphone texts, translation programs, varieties of the Internet, and the new era
  16. The pandemic is overdue, slums with millions of people and nothing happens!
  17. Now comes the next financial disaster! After Greece Italy is almost broke!
  18. Refugee flow to Mexico, Mexicans little inspired by the migrant flow from Central America
  19. Are the Mexicans now also Nazis? Thousands of migrants Tijuana without significant help!
  20. DIOUF MOUKA - Spam !
  21. Win 10 millions $ in cash ! Mr. Rasheed Umaru Mustafa, from Burkina Faso, Spaaaaaaaaam !
  22. The infrasound of a rotating windmill can stimulate the internal organs to vibrate.
  23. Im glad I now registered
  24. Satan will appear soon claiming to be Christ.
  25. spam ! 3 things to know before you buy ........ online
  26. Quand arrive la guerre contre l'Iran ? Crise économique mondiale à cause de la guerre en Iran ? Cyberataque contacté contre l'Iran
  27. When's the war on Iran coming? World economic crisis because of Iran war ? Cyber attacks against Iran against Iran
  28. I have been observing the gold price for a long time ( 40 years ).
  29. After the trembling of Chancellor Angela Merkel, is the great political trembling in Germany coming?
  30. Contributions and comments in three languages, one request to user
  31. Gastric tube in the elderly people, necessity or cost saving ?
  32. Koi - carp, wet money investment interesting ? Or, a jump in the cold water ?
  33. A complete idiot wrote this to me : My program has turned on your cam and recorded the act of your ....................
  34. Paintable cats for sale, new breed for art, business, entertainment, leisure, not genetically modified
  35. Just want to say Hi!
  36. "Joe ist nicht nur ein leidenschaftlicher Basketballfan, sondern auch einer der Pioniere im Bereich Internet, Medien und E-Commerce.
  37. housing prices go up, escape into the property, real estate, gold, silver
  38. and now the penalty interest for savers, where to put the money?
  39. When is a topic of public interest ? Public interest in forum contributions ?
  40. Will we follow the same path of destroying our forests as Haiti or Madagascar?
  41. Drunk on the Internet, just as dangerous as drunk in street traffic! No alcohol on the Internet
  42. What does the fire of Notre Dame mean for France ?
  43. threat of a pandemic .The coronavirus in China is more dangerous than officially admitted, nursing staff is infected ! Masks apparently do not protect !
  44. Corona virus, the explosive pneumonic plague from China, superspreaders spread the dangerous disease all over the world,
  45. Chinese Coronar Virus will kill a lot of people
  46. there's an idiot who's blackmailing me, he writes: I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself
  47. a better resume wtiting service chicago
  48. popular essay ghostwriter site usa
  49. extra curricular activities for resume
  50. anonymous-club Hacker forums
  51. Coronavirus updated figures, Wuhan virus, pandemic or epidemic, transmission routes, protective measures, therapies, vaccinations,
  52. Drum Of Meditation Over, Steel Drum Amazon, Tong Drum 30 Cm, Tongue Drum Beaters
  53. "Conspiracy theory": Can Covid-19 Superspreaders restore the economic balance?
  54. 60 places for infected persons throughout Germany, protective masks against the virus are scarce, pathogens highly contagious
  55. Covid-19, now the coronavirus epidemic is turning into a pandemic, coronavirus pandemic can no longer be stopped
  56. Protective measures against the coronavirus, for private individuals,
  57. Cross-infections with coronavirus, Covid-19 Ping-Pong ?
  58. Just throw up in the crook of your arm ! Why have we no right to panic ?
  59. The Coronacrash, why the stock market slump is not yet over.
  60. Coronavirus, disinfect bank notes or pay by card ?
  61. 80 % mild cases of coronavirus, and the rest ?
  62. Covid-19, Coronavirus, Wuhanvirus, now two different coronavirus strains after all ?
  63. Coronavirus, thanks to the Mobbingforum for early and extensive information about the Covid-19 virus
  64. Stock market crash and corona pandemic. Relatively accurate to the centenary of the Spanish flu and Black Friday
  65. Emergency, food rationing, curfews, triage, what else can we expect in the corona crisis?
  66. The world is at peace and so am i
  67. The coronapest, Coronavirus, is five times worse than the flu.
  68. Donald Trump annoys the Chinese with the term "Chinavirus"
  69. State bullying because of corona pandemic, quarantine for nothing ? Locking up citizens is not an option
  70. The corona virus, like Covid-19 activates psychoses, violent acts and phobias
  71. Protective masks against the coronavirus, do they really protect ?
  72. Death by coronavirus or death by quarantine ?
  73. Corona anxiety: I have nightmares because of corona virus, depression during the day and I sleep badly at night
  74. Why is the number of infected people not falling? Is the quarantine ineffective?
  75. Coronavirus, call of the Mobbingforum to its members
  76. For persons returning from China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao), Singapore, South Korea, Iran or from the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna in Italy
  77. End of exit restriction / quarantine only in the distant future?
  78. Are you concerned about coronavirus?
  79. The war against the coronavirus
  80. Corona, when is the danger over ? When can the quarantine be lifted ?
  81. Exit strategy, the end of the corona crisis, after the big bang in the USA,
  82. Falling property prices due to the corona crisis, bursting the real estate bubble ?
  83. Easter with the coronavirus, Easter 2020 the beginning of the apocalypse
  84. The biggest scandal in connection with the corona crisis are the missing protective masks for the medical staff and for the population !
  85. Why do scientists use the term SARS-CoV-2 for the coronavirus ? Or also novel coronavirus 2019,
  86. The markets have been flooded with money because of the corona crisis, with the threat of hyperinflation ! Buying real estate is a way out
  87. Does the coronavirus also attack the nervous system ? virus from hell
  88. Should the economy be ruined by Corona, or do we just need a scapegoat (virus) ? ?
  89. Another week gone. But the quarantine won't end.
  90. depression due to coronavirus, coronavirus syndrome, nervous disorders caused by coronavirus
  91. Qurantification measures in the corona crisis, how many livelihoods are shredded by this ?
  92. The coronavirus kills thousands ! But industrial production kills 10 000 in the same period of time
  93. Message from the beyond, the cornavirus will send 7 waves across the globe and kill millions
  94. Why do young people "hoard" drugs? Is a second coronavirus wave to be expected ? Or more?
  95. Smoking / Nicotine against the Corona - Virus ? Allegedly 95% of corona victims are non-smokers.
  96. How to get Protective Suit for free?
  97. Is it possible to sell a house without an estate agent ? Does that make sense?
  98. There are 27 theories of conspiracy that cause concern to our government,
  99. 18. 05. 2020 - again over 400 virus victims in Franc
  100. Lies and Corona's tricks! What really scared me was how lies are taken for granted!
  101. What actually happens to the deceased on facebook, pictures with black ribbon, pictures with black bars etc.?
  102. Silicone breasts, because your partner wants it that way ? Professional advantages through a large bust ?
  103. Evaluation, just a investigation
  104. Try out, right-minded a investigation
  105. I can't breathe! Eric Garner (2014) and George Floyd (2020)
  106. Enormous amounts of "fantasy money" automatically lead to rising real estate prices, rising gold prices,
  107. Try out, just a investigation, Escapee from perth disability justice centre returns home from prison
  108. Admin@mobbing.net e-mail address of the bullying forum and the Mobbing.net website
  109. the surveyor trick, selling houses with obstacles, no real estate agent, no realtor?
  110. Barbecue in the garden, where are the limits ? Smoking is no longer allowed everywhere, but barbecues that produce even more smoke are allowed
  111. Corona wave or corona tsunami ?
  112. Problems with colleagues during training
  113. Suicide wave after Corona wave ? After the corona waves comes the big suicide wave ?
  114. Silent night, holy night, Covid laughs ... Satire !
  115. New virus mutations in southern England and South Africa worry virologists
  116. The efficacy of the masks and how a higher infectious virus will affect
  117. My problem is my eyes. I can hardly read the contracts anymore. With a magnifying glass, it's very exhausting and confusing.
  118. Bitcoin - a fantasy currency with potential ?
  119. We are only at the beginning of the corona pandemic, the virus continues to mutate.
  120. Jumping on the silver bandwagon ? Silver is going through the roof, but how long will the boom last ?
  121. Schizophrenic society ? High sensitivity to bullying at work and absolute insensitivity to evening television entertainment.
  122. Virus mutations more and more dangerous, more and more contagious, more and more deadly ...