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  1. IT IS POSSIBLE TO increase your chances of winning enormous. Beitrag gemeldet von Alteisenfahrer
  2. Victims of sexual harassment - victims of bullying
  3. We found that the translation programs sometimes make "brutal mistakes". Sorry!
  4. the packing mania and the plastic islands in the oceans, 100 g of cheese packed in 150 g of plastic
  5. Poverty migration or just migration?
  6. Should I take out a death insurance before my suicide?
  7. Condolence list, Arnaud Beltrame, who exchanged himself with hostages is dead
  8. Condolence list for the victims of the terrorist attack in Münster
  9. What kind of graphics do you need in a horror game?
  10. What to do about xenophobia and racism?
  11. Translation programs (Google for example) do more against hounding, racism and mobbing than any politician!
  12. Google helps with mobbing, racism, discrimination. Sometimes hopeless situations change for the better!
  13. My honest opinion: Translation programs are a good thing for the internet.
  14. Twitter style, smartphone texts, translation programs, varieties of the Internet, and the new era
  15. The pandemic is overdue, slums with millions of people and nothing happens!
  16. Now comes the next financial disaster! After Greece Italy is almost broke!
  17. Refugee flow to Mexico, Mexicans little inspired by the migrant flow from Central America
  18. Are the Mexicans now also Nazis? Thousands of migrants Tijuana without significant help!
  19. DIOUF MOUKA - Spam !
  20. Win 10 millions $ in cash ! Mr. Rasheed Umaru Mustafa, from Burkina Faso, Spaaaaaaaaam !
  21. The infrasound of a rotating windmill can stimulate the internal organs to vibrate.
  22. Im glad I now registered
  23. Satan will appear soon claiming to be Christ.
  24. spam ! 3 things to know before you buy ******** online
  25. Quand arrive la guerre contre l'Iran ? Crise économique mondiale à cause de la guerre en Iran ? Cyberataque contacté contre l'Iran
  26. When's the war on Iran coming? World economic crisis because of Iran war ? Cyber attacks against Iran against Iran
  27. I have been observing the gold price for a long time ( 40 years ).
  28. After the trembling of Chancellor Angela Merkel, is the great political trembling in Germany coming?
  29. Contributions and comments in three languages, one request to user
  30. Gastric tube in the elderly people, necessity or cost saving ?
  31. Koi - carp, wet money investment interesting ? Or, a jump in the cold water ?
  32. A complete idiot wrote this to me : My program has turned on your cam and recorded the act of your ******************..