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19.09.2018, 19:36
I'm probably responsible for all the misery.

I thought an entry on Wikipedia would be supported by the respective admins. But far from it!

What I had to experience was a gauntlet. Every involved admin was beating me!

A beginner seems to be something to eat for certain people.

To the facts:

I have already published the text in French, because the entry was made in the French Wikipedia.
First of all to the problems with the langue, that interested nobody at all. On the contrary !

The text was criticized and I then respectively improved or uploaded photos. As soon as a problem was corrected, one of the admins already found the next one: "personal opinion of the author", "explanation desired", were the common entries in the published text.

In addition colored banners over the whole side at the entrance of the text with various request and extinguishing threats.

When I commented on a discussion page, the discussion page was abruptly deleted on the grounds that this would be "personal".

Overall, a sobering and depressing experience.

I have now sent an apparently more reasonable admin an opinion and would first wait to see how he intends to handle the matter, I do not want to spill the child with the bath.

I will keep you up to date.

Boston legal
19.09.2018, 19:51
Hello my friend, if your entry on Wikipedia is small, let it be.

All corrections and discussions with Wikipedia administrators are not effective. :)

20.09.2018, 18:25
The admins at Wikipedia are a bit nervous. There are many imitators. They copy the Wikipedia and publish the texts. A very problematic situation for Wikipedia.

Christine 1982
03.10.2018, 11:28
Flocki: A very problematic situation for Wikipedia.

Answer: There were a number of scandals on Wikipedia. Allegedly, entries were changed or deleted. For the benefit of companies. It should also have flowed money. Individual admins probably use their position for psycho games. The statements of Millefleurs allow this conclusion.

Sahara Gobi-Sonora
16.11.2018, 13:25
Beginners are discriminated by certain people.

There is Wikipedia just like any other forum!

01.12.2018, 12:14
After the last scandals I do not donate anymore for Wikipedia! :)-:)-:)-