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grande fatigue
24.09.2018, 11:25
At the age of 82 years 600 km over the highway?

What should I do ? I have a friend who really wants to visit her son. With her car!

The distance is over 1200 km. She wants to stay once. But, after all, there are 600 km which she drives in one piece over the highway.
I think she is a danger to herself. And a danger to other drivers.

She could easily travel by train. That's what she did earlier.

Now suddenly she wants to drive. Old age stubbornness?

I talked her well. Arguments delivered. Yes, even offered a sum of 100 euros if she travels by train.

What should I do ?

25.09.2018, 12:15
An uncle of mine always said: what the hell, I've been driving a car for 60 years. Then the children took the car away.
He then cycled. Did not look to the right at an intersection. Result: he was halved by a car. It was really so, a terrible sight! Had that happened to his car, then there would probably have been several deaths.
Driving in old age? Yes or no ? That's a hard decision.

25.09.2018, 17:16
Good point: the drafty stations! The bad train connections.

Then you drive by car. Also with 82!

@ Krauti, how now, divided into two?

27.09.2018, 20:41
The impact speed was 60 km. The body was cut by the window spar. The head and torso smashed through the windshield. The lower half of the body hung down the side of the car. Driver and passenger suffered a shock.
That can also happen to a young person. But over the age of 80, the risk of a concentration disorder increases significantly.

Olli D.
04.10.2018, 11:53
It depends on whether it is a "cruise" or a ride to do something necessary. My grandma goes to the grocery store or to the doctor. But never to visit someone. 600 km on the highway at the age of 80. That should be carelessness in most cases.

Boston legal
05.10.2018, 12:55
The relatives are unfortunately not much help in the decision. Sometimes it is the "waiting heirs" who deliberately risk it. Which grandma can say no, if she invites the grandson. But 600 km over the highway is relatively much for a younger driver!
You can ask your doctor if you can drive.
Someone is 80 years better than a person of 20! It is a very personal, individual decision.

06.10.2018, 00:29
Sometimes it is the "waiting heirs" who deliberately risk it.

Strong statement. But an interesting thought!

Unfortunately not unlikely.
Of course it depends on what to inherit.

The annual seniors exam was under discussion but politically unenforceable.

What I observed were elderly people who were oriented towards their health. If they felt bad, they did not drive.

grande fatigue
06.10.2018, 12:18
Sometimes fate comes to your aid! It is raining and the lady is now stuck in the "Pampas".

As long as it rains, she can not drive. She has problems driving, especially at night and in the rain.

07.10.2018, 17:16
In a corresponding car (GPS, automatic, comfortable seats, etc.) and a reasonable planning (breaks) I see for a good driver no problem. No matter what age she has.

However, if you need medication should read first, if he is allowed to drive at all. That goes for every age!