decomposition methods for over 10 years

Hello Forum, In
2008 , I committed a crime related to drugs. It was on a small scale, after an HD I got a penalty order later about 2000 euros and that was it.
At least for me and the Staasorgane.
However, not for a neighbor who lives about 100m directly across the street. After a few years of helplessness, it became clear that this man, an Eastern European around 40-43 years old, was responsible for the deeds.
At some point he made no effort to disguise that he is the culprit. I live with a friend in a ground floor apartment and periodically suffer from his "decomposition measures".

That would be? He always manages to mineApartment to penetrate, over balcony, windows and to Nachschlüssel to come, although we dispose of the security card new cylinder always again immediately. There he distributes tons of dirt ,
dust, hair, coal. Partly we get mold stains in strange places. The water pipes and water heaters or boilers are manipulated, so that every day again some dirty broth comes from the tap.
He distributes insect larvae or eggs on the carpet. A variety of fruit flies that I have seen in nature or never before. Then moths that have ruined my carpet by about 30-40%.
Then a paint is sprayed into our ceramic cups and bowls, which is not easy to remove. Comes eg. hot coffee in such a cup, dissolves something of the paint which gives an hour-long feeling of illness.

We now buy paper cups ... And, as if that were not enough, my essential drugs, such as. Insulin with unknown substances added, if he comes to the pens ...
The list I could go further and further. It seems that the monster is working on new methods to deal with these Stasi methods. I've had the police dozens of timeshere, which, however, surpasses itself in ever new incapacities. Traces are not examined, we are held by much younger officials for mentally not quite straight. And that hurts......!! Meanwhile, I seem to be standing on a police internal list of "spinners" in the area, without whom I've ever been to a psychiatric facility or there's any tangible evidence of this insinuation. I let the police come, make a call after a short time and then they are almost gone. These Stasi methods seem completely alien to them. And: there are no signs of break-ins! If a window were pried open (visible!) And something was stolen, they would probably rather "understand". So much stupidity and ignorance have rarely seen. Of course, no experienced Kripo people come to me,
First of all, say, "were or are you in psychiatric treatment?" or "Yes, I believe them that they think that it has happened so ...."

Actually, there is the Stalking § 238, but I do not know exactly how I go there. Then a restraining order, how about it? You have to be able to legally stop this man, even if the circumstances are not optimal ??
Maybe someone has some ideas about my case and can give me some tips. Thanks in advance. The knife is whipped; I'm pervaded by deep anger ...