Ignorance And Insinuations In The Workplace - Bullying?

Hello dear forum members,

I work in a team with currently 8 female colleagues.
At the end of the year, the management decided for economic reasons that a colleague must move to another branch. Before announcing who it is, I actually thought that it would be me. But now it has met another colleague, who is bitterly disappointed (ok, I would be too) and since announcement more and more away from me, makes me submissions, ignored me. They (let's call them X) and another (Y) understand each other very well and do a lot in common in private life (I was involved earlier).
Now, just on the day X learned about the implementation, there was another meeting. In this meeting, another colleague asked me what happened to X's office. I answered her: I do not know. And wrote her one more page: I think the room will be the successor.
Since that day, X kept pulling away from me, I did not know why.
Last week now (in the morning half past 10 in Germany) I wanted to pick up the colleagues as always for breakfast. X & Y were gone, another colleague said "they are already gone" and another was in a meeting. So I went alone. And stayed alone. It turned out that X & Y were shopping during the break. Everyone knew it except me. So I challenged the two. X said then that she really did not want to tell me, but my behavior on that one meeting day would have been "under all cannon". She was hardly gone and I would want her office and would write a colleague on a sheet that I would talk about it with the boss (I had not, see above!). She put me down as capricious. For me, you never know how I am (although I know
So now I always get some allusions such as why do you blog after the holiday so much time to rework, you have a representation.

If I had no holidays next week, I would not know how to survive the week.
Am now almost paralyzed with fear, Verzeweiflung and my thoughts constantly circle only to the "one".
My hobby as a distraction also helps only temporarily.

I think it will be better if X is implemented. Now I have to survive 2 weeks. Who has advice?