Terror by neighbor

Hello Cinderella,
I thank you for your lovely contribution. Certainly the fit is like a sneaker. After all, he also had 3 weeks plant leave, but from Monday he hopefully goes back to work. Then it is quiet during the day.
Yes, it's a question from witnesses. But he gets it as soon as someone is there. It really is a vicious circle as we live wall to wall directly. He's totally bored, and it's not an exaggeration to say that he's just lying in wait. But, and again and again I can only emphasize that when everything goes smoothly we do not hear anything from him, absolutely nothing. I have never heard of him a vacuum cleaner or kitchen appliance. It is simply this intention that is behind this activity.I can laugh away the noise. As I said, he is almost 50 and behaves like a baby.
First of all, we have to finish the hearing on January 20th and go on. Although I would like to have brought in all these terrorist actions, but our lawyer said that we should first focus on the property damage. She'll already know what she's doing. I trust her. You have to set priorities. The bullying diary should and will also be presented on this date.
I already wrote that I will prepare myself for our holiday and that distracts me too. If it is really bad, I look at our photo books from past trips and dive into beautiful memories. Or we go out and meet with friends and nice people. After all, we are not alone like the actually poor sausage next door. I thank you for your good wishes.

LG Chris