Poverty migration or migration?

It is good that now politicians of the "other parties" are getting a bit more precise with their names.
A distinction is made between a war refugee fleeing the barrel bombs and an unemployed youth from North Africa, but without much effect.
There are also refugees from arid or hunger areas. Being shredded is almost equivalent to starvation. So do the fugitives have their rights? In any case, humanly.
But how does it work in the long run?
Already it is crunching in every corner of the republic, as our "mother" does not help much:Angela Smily

The eastern countries do not want refugees, no matter what the reason. Austria also tends in this direction.
And what does our smart Sunnyboy Macron do? The immigration laws have been significantly tightened. Soon, prisons will be built exclusively for Muslims. All in all, even in France, the traditionally liberal French are increasingly unruly responding to the alienation.

Nothing against Angela, but unfortunately nothing more for it!