Should I take out a death insurance before my suicide?

Please only answer, if you have no "constructive" arguments, that really goes completely past me.
I have cancer, stage 4, (infused prognosis). I can only choose between a well-groomed suicide, a trip to Switzerland or the palliative.

Overall, suicide seems the best solution because Switzerland needs a bigger organization. The slow dying in a hospice is not at all mine. I do not want to incriminate my relatives any further. Therefore, the idea with the death insurance with a determination of the complete burial ritual. Probably does not matter to me, but easier for the relatives. I'll spare them questions like: should the coffin openly open or close? Of course, I am already not particularly "attractive". I like flowers, because I have very specific ideas, also with the music.
Who has experience with death insurance? How does it work and big question: do you want to know if you are sick? What happens in a suicide, then they pay.
Thanks for the answers and as I said, please no encouraging words, that hurts rather than that it helps!