Hi guys! I just want to see if anyone is struggling with any of these problems right now.

I came to the realisation after finishing school that I had not only been bullied but I had also bullied other people. It was interesting for me the acknowledge that what had been happening to me for quite some time was actually bullying. I think in the moment sometimes we dont view the way we are being treated as bullying.

I was harrassed by a particular guy when I was 14 which included manipulation, name-calling, teasing and eventually when he knew he could get away with it, he touched me inappropriately. The reason I didn't realize it was bullying at the time was because I had a huge ass crush on the guy.

This situation caused me to become the bully of a girl who also had an interest in the same guy and I would abuse her online, I was so filthy to her that her mum had to message me and threaten to call my parents.
Putting things into perspective early on maybe could have helped me get out of a toxic situation and not allow me project my feelings on to someone else.

3 years ago I messaged the girl and apologised for what I had done, its important to try and acknowledge our mistakes even if we don't think they will make a difference. Thankfully, for a completely different reason I changed schools and the cycle did not continue.

As this is anonymous I would love to hear your stories and know that we would never judge you.