Google helps with mobbing, racism, discrimination. Sometimes hopeless situations change for the better!
Sometimes hopeless situations change for the better!
Anyone who lives longer abroad has already experienced security as brutally as some people use the advantage of language skills. Whether in dispute with the neighbors, in judicial disputes or in everyday life, the joker with the language is often drawn. Yes, sometimes malicious people build veritable language traps. The linguistic handkerchief suddenly finds itself in a hopeless situation. The environment does not understand him, so he can not defend himself.
We can not talk about xenophobia and racism without talking about the one-sided war with words: verbal terrorism!
Many a humanist may shake his head about this side effect of the so beautiful, varied mother tongues, but in reality one has unfortunately to speak of widespread verbal racism.
But there are also bright spots: Smartphones, I-pads, computers open the possibility to load or use translation programs.
This is where Google comes in, because it offers free translations.
A light appears on the horizon and enlightens all who are not gifted with language, or who simply do not want to learn the language every time they travel to another country.
In this case, you can thank, despite all the criticism of the new developments, sometimes!
I am doing this now and would like to briefly describe my personal experience:
Years ago, in a not too remote country with a different language, I met a woman who speaks a few languages. An intelligent woman, but unfortunately also a beast. She has no inhibitions to use her language advantage. She bullys, intrigues and lies to her heart's content.
What can you do about it if you do not understand exactly what is going on? Nothing !
You stand there, like a child taking the pacifier away.
How has the situation changed? I understand the language reasonably and it is enough to exchange the e-mail addresses, facebookaccounts etc.
With the note: Translated by Google, I have sent e-mails to several people in the national language and thus made a contact. Voila, source surprise! That was really sober what the lady has spread so everything.
In the past, I would have had to grudgingly acknowledge this without the possibility of clarification.
Now I type my "counter-notification" in German and then translate into French. The translation is not perfect, but people can read and understand it.
In addition, an interesting information: Previously, the translations were gruesome. I still remember a construction manual in which it was said: twist the arm until the screwdriver fits into it. Whatever was meant by that ...
The translations are currently much better and are improving from month to month. A really exciting development that is changing our life in this area.
Let's not forget, in every other country we are the foreigners!
The translations help us to prevent the grossest misunderstandings.
In addition, you can verbally defend yourself against mobbers, racists and other nasty crutches!