The pandemic is overdue, slums with millions of people and nothing happens!

Sometimes Ebola flares up, but that was it again. Experts of the disease expect the big pandemic. A flu wave spilling over the globe. It can also be another illness. Multidrug-resistant germs (MRSA) are a problem in hospitals. But no one wants to speak of plague yet.
AIDS works, but at the same time it is successfully combated by medication.

What surprises me personally is that there are no epidemics in the slums. Millions of people live in unhygienic conditions in a confined space. Nevertheless, there are no epidemics. And no epidemic has broken out worldwide in the last 20 years.

Are we sitting on a volcano? Are there no more "small pandemics"? But then comes the big bang? Some fear that. Some hope that. In terms of overpopulation.

I'm worried that it's not normal. Millions live in the dirt. Often together with their pets. The ideal condition for a super bacterium that is resistant to all our antibiotics.