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Thema: Problems with the neighbor, dog poisoning? What to do?

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    Frage Problems with the neighbor, dog poisoning? What to do?

    Hello everybody,

    Problems with the neighbor, dog poisoning? What to do?

    I have already often reported on the incidents in connection with our neighborhood dispute. Regarding the following facts, I ask for your assessment.

    If the neighborhood is at home, then I like to leave our property for the lanes with my dog ​​backwards to escape the ubiquitous mobbing. The rear part of the very large plot is surrounded by a hedge, in addition to a fence, and borders on a strip on which spruce trees are planted, next to a forest / dirt road. Through a gap I always go to the neighboring meadow, where my dog ​​can jump over the local fence over it. I also leased this meadow.
    My way should not have been hidden from the neighbors, so they know that I go there if I see them at home.

    Now I found, or my dog ​​found there yesterday a fist-sized piece of finished lasagne / food and indeed at the point where I go through the gap. He found this on our property, near the fence.
    I immediately stopped the feeding and brought him to the vet for safety to get an emetic there. The remaining piece contained no sharp or pointed parts, tablet remnants or oat flakes, which indicate rat poison I have not found either. I froze the rest for now.

    So far, I had excluded such attacks against my animals, because the neighborhood even keeps animals. But how did the lasagna get there and for what purpose?

    I do not believe in any kind of randomness, because that is food, what is prepared and eaten in the house, not a discarded sandwich. The one who put it there had to take the trouble to get to the place first. Take a dirt road, climb a slope and then come to the fence.

    And now I have the following trains of thought that unfortunately raise more and more questions:

    It was not poisoned, you just wanted to confuse me (according to the principle, if we wanted, then we could), but the neighborhood could not assume that I noticed the inclusion by the dog at all, which would contradict the bullying who want Results.
    There was something wrong that would not have killed the dog, but it would have cost me, e.g. a laxative.
    It was poisoned and could have hurt my dog, but how do you get it out? There are probably institutes that carry out such analyzes, but some want a police job, the others a lot of money.

    I've been wondering if I'm blaming people for freezing the lasagna my dog ​​should eat and making sure their animals eat it in case my dog ​​suffers from nonspecific symptoms. At best, when all the people in question are standing together.

    It may be added that it is a village with seven houses and otherwise far and wide is no further source for the lasagne / food. I did not find any packaging and the property part is exclusively occupied by my animals, so foreign dogs are not endangered.

    What do you think?

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    Standard AW: Problems with the neighbor, dog poisoning? What to do?

    Hello Armoire,

    I hate when people try to hurt animals.

    Some animal organizations do these tests for free. There are groups training their dogs to recognize poison baits and you could ask if they might take a look at your Lasagna. What do you think about such a training for you and your dog?

    I know that you're allowed to put cameras on your property. That would be an option, too. You'll have to put up warnings, though.

    I would also check your property and fences every day to see if you find anything "suspicious". Take pictures of the place where it was found.

    Maybe you could talk to your neighbors or do you have a bad connection to them? Tell them not to feed your dog. Is the police an option? They'll investigate the whole case? In my experience, policemen are very nice to animals

    Good luck



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