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Thema: I feel unwanted in the workplace and am afraid that it will lead to bullying. What do you think?

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    Standard I feel unwanted in the workplace and am afraid that it will lead to bullying. What do you think?

    Dear Community,

    I have registered here today because I am increasingly having problems with my colleagues at work. I hope you can give me some advice.

    I am 42 years old and have worked in the commercial sector for several years. Unfortunately, however, my attempts to gain a foothold somewhere in the long term failed again and again. I was dismissed several times during my probationary period and twice after 2 years with the company. At some point I realized that I was simply not suited for this job. It failed again and again because of my slow pace of work and my lack of concentration.

    Since I always had a good connection to older people, I decided to do a further training and to apply as a caregiver in old people's homes. It took quite a long time until I finally got a commitment. I am a person with little self-confidence and therefore I am mostly too insecure.

    Anyway, I was happy when I was able to start as a caregiver in an old people's home on 01 February of this year. But unfortunately I had start difficulties. The carer, who trained me, did not get along with my reserved nature. Likewise a coworker of the social service, which treated me from the outset very pejoratively. Unfortunately, I forgot some things at the beginning of my job and so the colleague who had trained me exposed me after a few weeks at the team meeting with the words: "You forget almost everything!
    I spoke to her about the fact that I didn't find her behaviour fair and that I don't want any hostilities in the team. She only defended herself, but didn't apologize.

    In mid-March I had my first staff meeting with my supervisor, the head of the social service. Unfortunately the feedback was very negative, the written evaluation was corresponding. I was indirectly threatened with dismissal if there was no significant improvement by the end of March. I was very depressed after the interview, but gave my best because I wanted to keep the job. I enjoy taking care of the elderly.

    I didn't hear anything at first, but the harassment from the social worker continued. It has happened repeatedly that she snarled at me in front of residents. So it's no wonder that some of the residents have already dropped the saying about me: "That's not a real employee, it's just a helper. How can they respect me when they hear something like that?
    There was of course water on the mills at her place when a caregiver recently complained about me. After an event, I simply and emotionally forgot to place the tables and chairs with her again because I was busy with a confused inhabitant. This colleague immediately denounced me to the social worker. I apologized twice to both of them for my faux pas, but they rubbed my nose a few more times. Of course, the manager also heard about this incident immediately after her vacation and it was briefly discussed at the team meeting.

    At the end of April I had a work sample which my superior rated as good. However this work sample consisted only of a job offer with a single inhabitant. So it was said that in general I was still too reserved in dealing with the residents, too colourless in the team and my documentation was partly not accurate enough.

    3 weeks ago I had another employee interview and my supervisor informed me that after the probationary period I will continue to work until the end of the fixed-term contract in January. I was reticent, but even a calm employee could be an enrichment for a team. She likes me and appreciates my reliability.
    I also had a short talk with the director of the home. She asked me if I really wanted to continue working there. She had never met such a shy employee before. I replied that I was happy because I like doing the job. She looked skeptical, but ok, I have survived the probationary period soon.

    Somehow I don't know if I should be really happy about it. I am repeatedly told that the two social workers do not appreciate me, nor do the other carers, except one. Some did not even greet me last Monday, when I had my first working day after my vacation. Some speak very disparagingly to me. But we are supposed to be a functioning team!

    I have a very strong impression that almost everyone would have been interested in my resignation. But that it didn't happen because the leader of the social service was working for me. Probably on the grounds that I am friendly and reliable. I also jump whenever she wants something from me. It doesn't matter if it's a service that deviates from the plan or if I have to serve for a task that I'm not supposed to do. Which is certainly not enough for the others in terms of arguments FOR my person.

    But I think that they will continue to make it difficult for me there, even though I give my best.
    In addition certain behavior is as well known often a preliminary stage to the Bullying - Mobbing.
    I feel uncomfortable there and cannot imagine that the situation will develop positively.

    How do you judge the whole thing?
    Do you also see it in such a way that I am obviously unwanted there?
    Would you advise me to apply elsewhere?

    Many greetings,

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    Standard AW: I feel unwanted in the workplace and am afraid that it will amount to bullying. What do you think?

    Hello Pogo

    I'm really glad there are people like you. I could never afford it.
    If necessary, find another employer, the job is in demand and urgently needed.

    You don't have to let yourself be treated like that, the pressure will certainly cause mistakes.
    From my point of view, you would also fit very well into palliative medicine.

    Don't let yourself be confused, you fit well into nursing.

    Wish you all the best!



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