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Thema: Bullying for nothing, bullying for nothing!

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    Ausrufezeichen Bullying for nothing, bullying for nothing!

    Bullying for nothing, bullying for nothing!

    Years ago I did an internship in a chemistry laboratory. We were 12 interns preparing for their studies.
    One of them was a bit "clumsy" in his way. He also had a dialect and glasses. He was conspicuously trying to please the others and also tried to be humorous.
    One of our group does not want to suffer him. I don't know the reason for it until today.
    Anyway, a typical mobbing situation developed without any reason. At first the wearer of glasses was ignored. When he made a joke the others pulled on their imaginary beards, that is to say the joke has a beard, totally boring.

    If he tried to talk to us, we turned around, he was just air!

    It was particularly bad to throw foreign substances into his analysis when he was on the toilet. He then found elements that the instructor had not put into the analysis. Result: bad grades.

    Once we put some other substances into his analysis. He almost despaired when the solution turned purple during titration and green again.
    All in all, we made his life hell, although there was absolutely no reason for it.
    The main culprit was my "friend", but we all (!) participated. Why ? I still wonder today ?
    Mobbing just like that - without sense, without reason and with bad consequences.

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    Standard AW: Bullying for nothing, bullying for nothing!

    I've just seen that you're also translating into other languages. That's a good idea ! After all, the subject of bullying is international.



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