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Thema: Problems with the residents' car park

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    Beitrag Problems with the residents' car park

    I live in an apartment house with 12 tenants, in the backyard there are 7 garages as well as parking spaces for cars and employees of the Aldifiliale located in the house. The parking lots at the street are partly loading zone or mostly occupied.
    Since I am currently ill, my car is almost the whole day on the back of the residents' parking lot.
    The garden of the older couple below me borders on the parking lot. There is a garden door which is used to get faster to the garage or to the garbage cans.
    Last week I went to my car and just wanted to pick up the dog leash and ride off by bike.
    The man comes out of his garden and goes to the garage, when he sees me he comes towards my car and snorts at me "why is my door always parked".
    I asked him what I had to do with the car that was in front of his door.
    The answer: "They are to blame because they take the parking places away from the others".

    I had no desire at all for further discussions and continued my way in the direction of bicycle. For me unexpectedly a kick hit my right ankle joint, completely bewildered I turned around and asked him whether that was intention.
    Then I spoke to him loudly "let that" he had followed me at this time almost up to my bicycle and then insulted me as "fat cow".
    I answered him, "I'm not going to lower myself to that level."

    what was said then I honestly didn't understand I mean any more derogatory remarks.
    I was all done, just grabbed my bike and left and to be honest the day was over for me.
    I am actually still shocked that he attacked me in such a way, on the one hand because I carried along a large dog (shepherd dog)

    Already alone thereby he has brought himself in danger to be bitten by the dog and/or with such actions I see at least the danger that he could fall.
    I do not know how I should behave in the thing, one of my considerations is to indicate this to the property management around also to clarify who where parking is allowed.
    It's not the first time there's been a problem. He scribbled on my car windows several times with a waterproof pen.

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    Standard AW: Problems with the residents' car park

    For the dog, I'd recommend a muzzle. If the man is bitten, for whatever reason, a dish could force you to put the dog to sleep. That is unfair, but so is the legal situation!
    In the car you can attach a dashcam, which records even if the car is only parked. Think about the battery ! Do not record too long.
    I don't know if the recordings can be used in court. Ask a lawyer. But for you personally you would know in any case. That is also already what!

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