Hello dear community,

I have registered here and want to tell my story first, about which I would like to hear some opinions / suggestions. It is a deadlocked situation and I really do not know what else to do?!

For your information, I will change names, they are only for distinction. Nobody recognizes real names

It all started in Feb. 2007 when I helped to unload a truck in a company here in the village. The "foreman" was sick and I stood in for him. Since he was absent for a longer time, the boss hired me directly. Besides "Foreman" Alfred, his wife Else has an important leading role. The colleagues at that time are more like supporting actors. Foreman in quotation marks because the boss expressly says that there is no hierarchy in his company. However, he is rarely or hardly ever in production and so Alfred secretly gave himself the title of foreman. My colleagues told me at the time that he had just arrived in the region from Russia and after a few weeks he was hired directly. He could hardly speak German, did not know anything about tools or machines, but after 10 minutes he pushed the senior employee of the company aside and said in scraps: "You can't do anything, I am Alfred, the very best! That's his motto, Alfred can do everything, nobody else can do anything. I am a trained metal worker, he always wants to explain to me how to grind and weld metal and so on. I have to say that I have been a do-it-yourselfer since I was a child, I screw on cars, I am interested in technology, I quickly get into topics and with logical thinking I can quickly get into the subject with the simple work processes/machines. Alfred is rather the one, he used to have a hammer and pliers at home, he can't handle more. You can see him putting a wrench on a screw..." I can do that! ... Oh, but the screw was broken before!!!". It's hard to explain, and it sounds harsh when I say, everything he does, he does wrong. I could give you examples, hardly anyone understands them, because you would have to know our working procedures/machines.
One thing maybe: We got a new truck, he wanted to fill up the first time. His colleagues all told him not to fill up the diesel where he had put the canister, because there was a drop of oil on the lid. Alfred can do everything better and dumps a complete can of diesel into the oil tank. He was not interested in the fact that the filler neck for diesel is on the other side and also has a bold DIESEL on it. If you think he can't do anything wrong on a job, he does it anyway. He says he is the fastest, but realistically he and his wife are the slowest and block the whole company.

Back to me: When Alfred was still sick, I had looked at the storage system very quickly, had everything under control. Material procurement etc. I did almost in my sleep, I could be woken up in the middle of the night and I could tell from home from my head where things were. Alfred rather had the system, "I put this here and look for it in half an hour for 3 days". With me it took a very long time before I even noticed that something was going terribly wrong in the company and I didn't say anything against it for too long. Today it is unfortunately already too late. In any case, the crux is that I am better than "the best", but I can't even help it. His colleagues always say he's a jerk, his wife says he's disabled. Even the boss and secretary say they know he's a nutter. Only his wife and he think he's God. Although that's a contradiction in terms somewhere, it doesn't leave them alone.
So, over time, there have been some illnesses on my part. Started I think in 2009, when I was sitting here at my laptop one evening and suddenly got a strong nosebleed. I have always been a bit sensitive in this relationship, probably inherited from my father. But that evening/night it was especially bad. I was almost only in the bathroom and it would not stop bleeding. I partly had the feeling that I was about to lie in the bathroom and bleed to death. The next day I went to the family doctor and told him everything. He wanted to measure my blood pressure and it started again. He stood there at my feet, "What are we gonna do?" Actually he's the doctor, but I told him to think about it, luckily I had a towel with me to press my nostril. In the meantime I was ill because of suspicion of burnout and other psychological things, nothing longer, because my family doctor warned again and again, "it must be good again quickly!
In May 2016 we had long heavy thunderstorms here and among other things my working place was flooded.

We had almost one meter of water in the halls, material completely wet, actually useless But nothing was thrown away, everything was dried. This made the material hard as bones and since I was working on a production line in the meantime, I had so much pain in my wrists at the end of 2016 that I could hardly move them. The pain is now all over my body, in every joint.