60 places for infected persons throughout Germany

so we are well prepared ! Dear mother / fatherland, may you be quiet...

Protective masks against the virus are also scarce in our country

but, you can make a mask out of a bra or hold a tampon in front of your nose. Capitalism at its best: the prices for protective masks on the internet have quintupled

virus highly contagious

it already multiplies in the mucous membrane of the nose and throat. How can the virus know whether it is in the lungs or in the nose?

Chinese numbers of infected people are confusing

what a surprise ! So far the Chinese have always told us the truth !

fearing a collapse of the world economy

complete rubbish. Money doesn't need to be printed anymore. A simple push of a button is enough
and billions flow into markets.

23,000,000,000,000,000 what is that? Number of coronaviruses ?
Or the national debt of the USA?

Is the virus attacking the brain?

Expert: nope, toodle-oo...

Why satire on such a serious subject?

Because I can't stand the media and the experts anymore.