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Thema: Protective masks against the coronavirus, do they really protect ?

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    Idee Protective masks against the coronavirus, do they really protect ?

    Unfortunately, advice of doubtful value is given again and again. Washing your hands every hour, what's the point ? Washing hands after every possible contact with the virus is more important.
    If you cough in the crook of your arm, the virus gets stuck there. A handkerchief, which is thrown away after use, would be more useful. The minimum distance of one meter is much too small. Two metres or more would be better.

    The most dangerous nonsense probably happens when using protective masks. A mask only provides the wearer with a relative safety. Depending on the quality of the mask, the risk of infection is reduced by 30 to 98%. Even the best mask does not offer complete protection.
    Masks such as those used by craftsmen to protect against dust only provide limited protection. Even masks used by surgeons offer only limited protection. Masks that actually retain viruses are marked FFP2 or FFP3.
    But even these masks lose their protection after a certain time. They are effective for 3 to 5 hours, depending on stress, humidity etc. Persons who have direct contact with infected persons change the mask up to 8 times a day, if not additionally protected by a shield of transparent plastic.

    Many masks have a nose clip that must be pressed firmly into place. The mask must also be closed at the sides. An often observed mistake is to wear a mask without covering the nose.

    What is also relatively unknown is infection via the eyes. So protective goggles should also be worn.

    Please follow all advice.

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    Standard AW: Protective masks against the coronavirus, do they really protect ?

    If I make my own mask, what's the point? I have seen on the internet how a soutien-gorge was converted to a mask. Isn't it true that the mask protects the others because you can't cough through it so easily ? What can you do to protect the old and old people in the old people's home. Special masks ? Even while sleeping ?



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