The corona virus, like Covid-19 activates psychoses, violent acts and phobias

First of all, I'm sorry if I express this drastically, but in my circle of acquaintances there is something like an epidemic psychosis. Suddenly everyone has a scratching in their throat, is constantly clearing their throat and complains about fever and headache.

Then there are the various psychological symptoms, from extreme phobia (apocalypse) to delusion (designer virus) and the fear of a dictatorial system (Orwell's syndrome).

Especially bad are the whiners who get drunk and then take out their frustration on their wives and children.

All in all, the corona crisis and the restriction of freedom of movement may not exactly release the best human qualities. Experts also fear an increase in heart attacks and strokes due to the lack of exercise.

The Internet and some television channels (RT) are further fueling fears, conspiracy theories and irrational behaviour.

I think we should first wait and see how the number of victims in Italy develops. They are about 2 - 3 weeks ahead of us in terms of the virus. In addition, they have fewer ventilators and therefore have to leave the "old folks", i.e. those over 80 years of age, to simply lie there and die. This would mean that the mortality rate in Germany would be somewhat lower. But, it could still be a few thousand.

My personal assessment: if there are fewer than 10,000 deaths in Italy at the end of April, then the trump doctrine applies.

With more than 10,000 dead, the Gospel of John.

Something personal: I explained to a friend where my username comes from, namely from the series Boston legal. There a lawyer with Asperger's syndrome says with every episode: and I hate myself for it. Even if you do not know the series, you should recognize the sarcastic basic character of this sentence.
Not this lady. She takes the sentence at face value and drools half a page about the whining man, who has an oh-so-sensitive soul. In the end she even makes Karajan cry. What can I say?
I will post this in the forum, send her the link and I hate me for it !

Written by Boston legal