Cancer due to bullying, stress at work or trouble with the partner
The increase in cancer is partly offset by better therapies. But, more and more people are affected by the different types of cancer. Why is that so? Environmental influences are often held responsible. But stress, permanent anger, quarrels and bullying have also been recognised as causes of cancer.
Can years of bullying cause cancer?
The answer is a clear yes !
The human body reacts to stress by releasing hormones. This is sometimes good to cope with a conflict situation. At least in the past it was good when fight or flight was necessary to ensure survival. But, currently, hitting on it is very rarely a solution. The result is that problem situations become more and more acute. Bullying becomes a disease-causing element. It begins with headaches and insomnia and often ends with chronic diseases or even cancer.
I would like to see this issue receive more attention in the forum and I would like to hear from those affected.