In another article I read the following question

My question to other people concerned : should I inform my neighbours about the publication, and how do I do that ?
I could have the contributions printed out and specifically "let the wind blow them away". There is no name on them, but everyone in the settlement would know who is meant. Other suggestions ?

My answer to this : This is really sneaky, but so good that I will make an own series of contributions !

So, how do we bring contributions or even the links to a contribution "under the people" ?

Let's take as an example (what actually happened to me) my neighbour stole my garden pump.

If I write the name of it now, I might have an insult blade on my cheek.

Of course I can describe the incident anonymously, then print it out and "lose" the leaves in the settlement. This is not so subtle now, but probably effective.

But I can write "garden pump lost" and pin the notes to trees. That would probably make some people think.

Or, funnily enough, "Lost your garden pump"...

Who else has ideas?