I'm not comfortable at work.

of humanity on 31.05.2020

Hello, everybody,
I am a mother of two children and have been working in retail for exactly one year now, and at the end of February I was given a new branch manager and sales manager.
actually I loved my job, but due to the pressure it is no longer bearable.
so now we come to my problem, I was after the termination of my old store manager to talk to my sales manager and ask for a transfer. this I have also done and he asked: do you want to withdraw the termination. I answer: Yes if I am transferred.
He told me I should withdraw the cancellation by email and he will contact me on Tuesday (26.05.20)
He did and told me that I was being transferred and if I could work that week? my answer was yes and so I went to work on Thursday and you wouldn't believe who was there, my old store manager as we were doing inventory and he was helping out.
I was so shocked that I could not work quietly and was totally nervous. Friday I also had to work and my new boss is not better than the old one, I thought it couldn't be worse, but I was wrong.
Now I don't want to work there either and I regret my decision very much, and I wonder if I have to give a new notice and continue working there for another month or could the employer just forget that I have withdrawn the notice.
I have to work on Tuesday and actually I don't want to go back, and I would like to call my sales manager on Tuesday and tell him that I don't want to go back.