Problems with colleagues during training


My name is ben.

I am currently doing an apprenticeship in retail trade since almost one year. From the beginning I was not taken seriously by the employees. I was constantly making little mistakes and was smiled at, sometimes really put down. I was also constantly afraid of not doing something right and doing justice to my colleagues. I often had stomach aches before work and was afraid of the people there. Since it is part of the training plan, I got to know different departments. I can get along with some people, but not with others at all.

For example, there is a woman who has been working there for several years. She is quite stupid, can't write properly, etc. but she can beat people up and insult them. I know that I am cognitively far superior to her, but I still can't stand up to her when she shoots in my direction again. I have then a crass blockade.

Then again there are employees who make fun of the pronunciation of my last name and also imitate it. I have a .........n surname. In .........n it is pronounced differently than in german. Since a few days the colleagues make fun of it. Sometimes I can answer something, but often not or it misses its effect.

I often had to fight with my fellow men already during my school time. I think I just make a good sacrifice because I don't look strong and I don't seem strong. Besides, I am not at all able to punch and I feel quickly offended.
To be honest, I don't know how to get my problems under control...

I am grateful for any advice