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Thema: Virus mutations more and more dangerous, more and more contagious, more and more deadly ...

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    polymaske Virus mutations more and more dangerous, more and more contagious, more and more deadly ...

    We still remember the statements of some virologists and politicians at the beginning of 2020 when the Wuhan virus appeared. Movies about dead people in the streets were quickly deleted at that time and called fake horror. Now we have more than 2 million coronatote and the term "pandemic of the century" is widely accepted.
    What will be the effect of the mutations now ? Will the vaccinations and the much praised herd immunity help ?
    Fact is, nobody knows ! Some experts find an incidence of 50 quite useful, others recommend 30 and of course there is still the extreme opinion "zero corona" or zero incidence.
    There are about 100 million corona infections and accordingly many mutations. Some of these mutations are clearly more dangerous than the original Sars-Cov-19 virus. And there will almost certainly be far nastier mutations in the future. Vaccination and herd immunity will then become empty slogans, the virus mutations have the world firmly in their grip !

    Why do I write this here ? Simply because the truth is suppressed by the media. If the lockdown continues for a few more months, many small businesses will simply go bankrupt. Poorer or indebted states will no longer be able to support their citizens and ultimately, hardly any country will be able to afford a strict quarantine to carry out. This means many extremely indebted states, indebted citizens, overburdened hospitals and a mutating virus that may run rampant for years. However, the population cannot be told this, because many are already at the end of their tether with money and nerves.
    See you at the 3rd wave!

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    Standard AW: Virus mutations more and more dangerous, more and more contagious, more and more deadly ...

    Just as there are accidents in nuclear power plants, meteors fall from the sky, dictators wage wars or stock markets crash: shit happens!
    Even 30 years ago (!) there was a pandemic. Anyone who warned of it was a conspiracy theorist. Now we have the problem with Covid and it is particularly affecting democracies. In the end, China will be the world's No. 1 economic power. Let's see if the Americans will put up with that!
    At the moment, it looks as if a kind of equilibrium between measures and contagion is setting in. Let's hope it stays that way ! If it really is a generated or at least manipulated virus, an even more vicious mutation will of course replace the current mutants. Good night then!

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