However some situations are equally paradoxical and as such require paradoxical solutions.

Someone who lives long term in countries other than their own, will know that there are certain groups of locals who will use that country's system to their own advantage and to the detriment of incomers.

Perhaps not a very polite point of view, but it is, never the less, legal.

This way to react, it must be pointed out, takes about as much courage as taking the bottle out of a baby's mouth, it appears that the provocations become more and more audacious.

Normally one would make a simple complaint and eventually inform the proper authorities.

However to inform friends and neighbours of ones' personal point of view, it is necessary to create a specific forum: the creation of a private web site makes it possible to present photographic evidence and do...ents accompanied by their translations.

And, live has other aspects: modern-art