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    hello! its a shame i just saw a story online. Its about a girl who was stalked and harassed by her so called "friend". This "friend" is part of a secret society and a flight attendant, she participated in a program thats called cointelpro, stole money, tells lies and stole mails, until that day the girl did not recieve her money back, they had her under surveillance with cameras and threatened her. this womens name is xy and she is a criminal fraud, a s§§§bag
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    Standard AW: kann die mobbingerlebnisse nicht verarbeiten

    and it is a shame that you try to tell us fairy tales. This cointel pro program is a FBI program from the 60th and not at all a secret anymore.
    Why should we be interested in a story you found somewhere in the Internet???



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    Standard AW: bullying

    she is a criminal fraud, ???

    she is a criminal

    or she's done criminial fraud

    Or, I'm wrong with this, ?

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