Be careful do not sign up for any movie site that are free . these site abuse there members for pleasures., they abuse people in there chatrooms , and who ever they attacking are the same people they have abused prior who come back to the site to engage in this crazy site but they will allowed the person to mingling and gain trust and engage with the fake friends you have built on the site then gain information to do there smear campaign. all these sites have a connections and primarily primewire ag no person is to be trusted on that site. what they do is a character assasination they trolled and bully there members after they have the person hooked up, by watching free movies for a particular time they attack depending . on which one they jealous of and those who they attack which are mostly anyone who don’t belong to there clique of mafia gang, they have karma points or yeah.
so if you don’t add friends they deduct points and if you add them they will betray you at the end of the tunnel when the moderators want to just have fun , because they jealous of that certain individual who is actually seem to be a threat to their crew those are the ones they target or if they feel the person is very beautiful as well they cut all the beautiful flowers as a member exposed privately, they attack all the girls which are beautiful.. or guys that are a threat may it be intellectually or looks wise . or gaining to much information of there site . just idiotic stuff.. that take place in forums but this site is by far very dangerous..

they have a technique where each person has a profile .. where you can place pictures ,wall posts they have a forum for discussions on the movies or books and partake in there games of nonsense which are actually trolling who ever they targeting.. and oh they say its the wonderland movie site for free but remember nothing in life comes for free there always a catch to things… movie site to cyber path,,, individuals a game.. for sick owners of this pathetic low life forum,,which the poor members sign up without knowing what the game is about.
they would be falling into these sociopaths predators trap . so the sole purpose of the site is to gain as much information by what ever you share with the friends or lets just say so called fake friends to help ruining the members lives..and actually expose where the person lives and have all types of stereotypes and gossips.. they do smear campaign and also use social media for the sociopath to gossip to the programs on TV so be warned and other sociopath and psychopath technique .. gang stalking thugs are not to be taken lightly.. and this site who ever the owners are the moderators and admins should be arrested because when it comes so far in trying to destroying innocent people lives online for pleasure then it should be banned ,

they also have minors in these sites and the adults are all intermingling.. which its quite fishy.. others thing they try to do is recruit so be careful recruiting to participate in there illegal activities .. posting links is illegal so don;t partake in anything in these sites.. if you so the same things they doing stalking people remember you are partaking in illegal activities and that is a felony so dont do it… when anything is free there always a cost to it.. be warned they associated with mafia so stay away from the site, sad how people use forums to abuse people ..
sadly these forum place need to be banned off the internet as they can easily take the youngster and cause more damage then good.. they also have soft **** on there site.. no one to be trusted on this site. they track the members ip address and expose any thing for there vampires attacking adrenaline sociopath crave they savour at expense of decent people devouring the person mind trying to lead them to insanity..
be aware do not trust no one on that site.. they have a groups of thugs.. and they partake ills activities and it dangerous… to members, these piracy sites need to be taken offline..
sadly many people don”t know ,,so remember buy the movies.. go to the theater and help the actors these people who have piracy sites are dangerous…